Paragon Investigations

Paragon Investigations, formerly SCIS Investigations, includes federal background investigations and inspections, corporate due diligence investigations, and professional staffing services.


In our work with clients such as DCSA, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), our focus is to collect and report information on federal civilian, military, and contractor personnel regarding an individual’s suitability and/or eligibility for positions of trust and/or access to classified information. In addition, we provide field and centralized general investigations, automated records results, and support personnel to aide federal agencies in their staffing and decision-making process.

A Trusted Partner

Conducting these investigations and inspections requires the utmost discretion, professionalism, and integrity. Paragon Investigations offers a unique blend of industry credibility, background investigations expertise, technical understanding, and industry knowledge.  Coupled with Paragon Investigations’ experience of securing highly sensitive controlled facilities on a national, regional, and local basis makes our group uniquely qualified. Our Sector management team features decades of combined Investigations, Personnel Security, and Inspections industry experience at the field, review, and operational levels.


Paragon Investigations has built the personnel architecture to mobilize cleared, credentialed, and qualified investigative and inspection capacity to immediately support your needs.

Highly Trained National Footprint

Paragon Investigations has an established network of National Training Standard (NTS) certified investigative personnel across the United States that enables us to complete investigations and inspections in any location. Our field force is led by regional managers to provide oversight and promote performance at a scalable and sustainable level.


Quality & Integrity Assurance

Paragon Investigations has established fail-safe standard operating procedures around quality and integrity assurance to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.


Performance is effectively managed, tracked, and measured utilizing systems automation to deliver greater visibility and transparency to customer requirements.

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