Field Structure

Paragon Investigations Model: Local Leadership With Regional Support

From day one, we’ve grown our Sector by addressing industry challenges through collaboration, communication, and empowerment, never straying from our focus on integrity, due diligence, and quality. Today we are over 1,000 strong, all working together to complete quality products for our clients.

SCIS Investigations’ field structure is organized into four geographic regions with geographically dispersed Field Team Leaders led by Regional Field Directors to oversee investigative personnel providing nationwide coverage. In addition to Field Team Leaders and Regional Field Directors, Paragon Investigations has a robust quality control team providing sector support and guidance.


Regional Field Directors have daily operational control of all field operations to ensure regional performance, staffing, quality, and timeliness goals are being met.  They are responsible for the strategic vision within their region, with emphasis on exceeding customer requirements and employee satisfaction.


Ryan Jefferson

Regional Field Director (East)

Ryan Jefferson joined the Investigations team in October 2016 as Regional Field Director (East).  He began his career in the personnel security investigations industry over 15 years ago as a Field Investigator in the Norfolk, VA area. He has served in several leadership positions since that time, including Field Team Leader, District Manager, and Regional Field Director.


Amanda Markwith

Regional Field Director (West)

Amanda Markwith joined Investigations leadership group in October 2016 as Regional Field Director (West).  She started working in the background investigations industry over 16 years ago as a Field Investigator in New York City. Over the years, Ms. Markwith has served in several leadership positions, including District Manager, Team Leader, and Regional Director. She also previously served as the Deputy Program Manager of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) contract, which is now the DCSA contract, where she oversaw inspections, and Vice President of Logistics and Planning, which coordinated workload strategy and assignments across several government contracts.


Shelley Meyers

Regional Field Director (Central)

Shelley Meyers joined in November 2016 as the Regional Field Director (Central).  Her career in this industry began as a Background Investigator in Dayton, OH in 2002. Ms. Meyers’ diverse experience includes positions as a Field Trainer, Team Leader, Project Manager, District Manager, and Regional Director. These experiences were instrumental in forming her approach to the mission we support here at Paragon Investigations.


Kyle Werley

Regional Field Director (DC Metro)

Kyle Werley joined the team early in 2017 as a Field Team Leader and has since moved into the DC Metro Regional Field Director role. His approach to leadership involves balancing customer service and a people-first approach. Since starting his career in background investigations over 14 years ago, Mr. Werley has gained a wealth of experience in the background investigations industry in various field-based capacities and leadership roles.