Our History

Since its inception in 1983, Paragon Systems has been dedicated to providing high quality services with one mission in mind: support and protect the United States. It is through Paragon’s commitment to this mission that the company has become one of today’s most dependable security services provider in the country.


The Paragon team has grown its security services to include uniformed and armed security officers responsible for access control, law enforcement, personnel protection, theft prevention, surveillance, vehicular and foot patrol, crowd control and the prevention of sabotage, counter-terrorism and crime deterrence. Extensive training, industry expertise and passionate dedication to excellence mark the cornerstones of Paragon’s history.


Paragon Systems moved operations to the Washington, DC area in 2005 to be closer to its US Government client base.   In 2010, Paragon Systems was acquired by Securitas AB through their Pinkerton Government Services arm.  This addition allows Paragon the ability to leverage the buying power, bench strength and economies of scale of an $11 Billion Dollar parent company, who is itself the leader of the industry worldwide. Today, Paragon Systems, maintains field offices in 36 states to support our cadre of 7,000 Officers posted in Federal sites across the US.  The company is guided by a distinguished group of Americans who form its proxy Board of Directors.


Paragon has served some of its clients for numerous years. The company’s commitment to protection has secured organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, NASA, Federal Aviation Administration, National Archives and Records Administration, Department of Interior, Department of Defense facilities for many years. Additionally, Paragon’s officers support vital homeland security programs and protect some of the nation’s most sensitive infrastructure.