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Fire aware, fire safe

Accounting for fire safety is an important part of the emergency response plan at any work site. Developing an emergency response plan requires first identifying risks and potential emergency scenarios.


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Vigilance Behind the Wheel

Safe driving involves the ability to recognize and respond to potential dangers and hazards. Vigilance while operating a motor vehicle helps ensure motorists remain aware, alert and in control of the vehicle. According to the National Safety Council, the top three contributors to road accidents are speeding, impairment and distracted driving.


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Severe Weather Safety

Severe weather can occur at any time of year. The type of weather experienced depends on your geographical location. Summer and winter storms can generate a variety of weather phenomena—from strong winds, wildfires, flooding and tornadoes to hail, ice and other hazardous conditions—that pose safety concerns. It is important to know the environmental risks faced by your workplace and be prepared for any extreme weather, water, or climate events.

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Travel Safety

Travel can be an enriching and rewarding experience, providing the opportunity to discover new places, revisit favorite locations or visit friends and family. Using our core value of Vigilance can help ensure a safer, healthier journey.


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Training for Emergencies

Knowing what to do in a stressful situation can prepare you with the information needed to stay calm and act effectively to keep yourself and your co-workers safe, and can help you make better and safer decisions about what to do. Preparation and training can help you feel more confident and be more effective in an emergency.


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Plan for the Unexpected

The first few minutes of any emergency are critical and informed decisions can help save lives. Knowing what actions to take when there is a critical event at the workplace helps all employees to play a role in maintaining a safe environment and improving the safety of those around them.


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Being an Effective Team member

Having effective and professional work teams is critical to a company’s success, but they don’t happen organically. There are key distinctions that differentiate a group from a team as well as attributes that define a good team member.


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Mail Handling Vigilance

Vigilance and consistency in mail security procedures help instill employee confidence and prevent serious consequences should a tampered package be delivered.


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Protect Your Heart

Hearts abound in February, not just because of Valentine’s day, but also because in 1963 the U.S. President designated the month as “American Heart Month” to promote heart health and draw attention to the dangers of heart disease and cardiac arrest.


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Resolutions to Help Make the New Year Safer & More Secure

Each New Year is an opportunity to revisit personal habits and routines and resolve to make improvements. Start the year strong by evaluating your digital and physical security habits.


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Staying Calm When Others Aren’t

Unfortunately, not everyone we come in contact with is happy and compliant. As an officer, it is important to keep calm and remain in control of the situation to keep our clients and others around us safe.


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A Safer Holiday Season

The global pandemic means social gatherings and the hustle and bustle of the shopping season should be managed with additional caution.


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Workplace Vigilance

Situational awareness is an important component of individual safety on and off the job. It is tempting to lose focus when performing routine tasks and maintaining operative situational awareness requires real effort.


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Effective Investigations

When an investigation is necessary, Paragon expects its officers to be thorough and efficient while protecting our clients’ interests, the privacy of the individuals involved, and maintaining a standard that reflects our values.


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Travel Health & Safety in 2020

As travel restrictions ease and people begin to move about more freely, it is important to be aware of guidelines that help reduce the spread of sickness. Viruses, such as the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, can be easily transmitted from one person to another.


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Responding to An Active Shooter

Active shooting has become a common cause of occupational fatalities in recent times, with instances occurring in schools, offices, shopping malls and other public places. It is essential to know how to react when you face such an incident. Being aware of safety strategies can help you not just stay safe, but also help save the lives of many. An untrained person is likely to react with fear, helplessness and panic. A trained person on the other hand, can make a big difference to himself or herself, to the people around, and to the situation.


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