Advising Mr. Sandkuhler in the overall management approach is the Board of Directors, including key individuals from the security industry, Federal Law Enforcement, Military and Legislative communities.
The Board includes the Chairman – Mr. Freeze, a retired Army Major General with responsibilities for intelligence, security and the electronic warfare arena throughout an exemplary 50 year career; the Vice Chairman – Mr. Basham, the former Director of the US Secret Service, Director of FLETC, Chief of Staff of TSA, and the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection at DHS; and three Directors including – Mr. Shull, a retired US Army Colonel with a 44 years of Government experience – 28 in the US Army and 15 in the Executive Office of the President; Ms. McAllister, a prominent leader in Government relations and public policy law for over 20 years, and Mr. Jolly, a leading attorney in the Washington community representing clients in matter before the U.S. Government for the past 30 years.
The Board of Directors also acts as a “proxy board,” which serves to separate Paragon from its overseas parent and allows us to leverage for the benefit of our US Government clients the economies of scale of a $9 Billion security firm, while at the same time precluding the parent organization from any substantive knowledge of Paragon’s work in the cleared or US government environments. Paragon is able to meet the needs of our most sensitive clients with protected and highly complex security programs and rock bottom workers compensation rates. Paragon has the agility of a focused US Government security provider with the experience, infrastructure and financial capabilities of a 200,000 person security team.