Aerospace & Defense

Our Aerospace Defense Sector operates under our Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services (SCIS) corporation and delivers cleared protective services, electronic security, and risk management solutions for highly sensitive, controlled facilities nationwide. Our skilled personnel ensure security, safety, and compliance for organizations across the aerospace and defense industries.

With an array of proven capabilities, we specialize in supporting organizations requiring multiple agency-level clearances. SCIS can provide support at all levels of required US Government clearances. 

Cleared Protective Services

  • Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
  • Construction Surveillance Technician and Temporary Escort Services
  • Intel Community-cleared services
  • Global Support Services: Deployable Fly Team of Cleared American Guards
  • Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians

Cleared Administrative Services

  • Datacenter Security/Audit Functions
  • Mail Services
  • Courier Services
  • Classified/Internal Materials Destruction
  • Clearance/Visitor Management

Built for Cleared Industry

The SCIS team has focused solely on supporting cleared industry for nearly 25 years. Our experience securing highly sensitive controlled facilities on a national, regional, and local basis is unparalleled across the defense industry. 

Our process for ensuring that personnel are both cleared and trained for industry-specific roles has been refined over decades to improve compliance, efficiency, and speed. Our internal governance and compliance team established e-QIP and DISS procedures across our business and maintains real time alignment with the DCSA via leadership roles in NCMS, NDIA, AIA, ASIS and other relevant organizations. 

Technology, people, and knowledge combine for a truly comprehensive security program

8/10 Top DOD contractors supported

200+ Overseas deployments in 10 countries since 1990’s

Our industry-leading Performance Management Program goes beyond standard quality control programs to ensure that all personnel are prepared to meet the most demanding requirements. Regular training and realistic field exercises ensure our employees have the edge in any situation.

With our full range of cleared protective and administrative services, SCIS can support every mission, with vigilance and effectiveness.

Our experience and training ensures skilled solutions for:

  • Metal and Explosive Detection
  • Vehicle & Personnel Access Control
  • Electronic Security
  • Marine Patrol
  • Project Management
  • Facility Assessments
  • Government Compliance
  • Badge & ID Functions
  • Reception Functions