Why Paragon Investigations?

At Paragon Investigations our employees take seriously their mission surrounding National security. We have a history rooted in integrity and serving our nation’s most critical missions. Together, we continue making a difference in our nation’s security.

Our Approach: We Do It Differently

When we expanded into Investigations, it was an unprecedented opportunity to build and grow a Sector with years of lessons-learned and best practices as a backdrop.


Starting from scratch meant earning credibility by offering an investigative service provider founded on hiring the best people and the right people to lead them, unconventional thinking around traditional operating procedures, and employee investment.


Every member of our Leadership Team has field or review experience and understands the intricacies of investigative services because we have performed them ourselves. We have seen the problems being faced in the industry and learned first-hand from decades of experience what has and has not worked. We established a collaborative environment from the start and continue to bring the right folks on board to promote our healthy, quality-focused culture.

Our Culture: Collaboration

Our people are the cornerstone of our organization. Every team member is empowered to be part of the solution to grow our Sector, help drive performance, and create an environment where employees – regardless of position or geography – are positioned for success.


Opportunity abounds at Paragon Investigations. We do not use gimmicks to attract individuals to come work for us. We do not make promises we cannot keep, and we believe in transparency. Investing in our personnel for long-term sustainability not only brings with it opportunity for our people to thrive, but will allow us to establish a new standard for excellence and stability.

Our Success: Communication

We are relentless in providing the support, communication, and guidance necessary to the success of every individual because only together through our combined efforts are we to deliver world-class products with integrity. Our actions align with our culture. We take pride in our employee and management partnership grounded in information sharing, innovation, and advancement.


We have developed and utilize numerous communication vehicles to facilitate effective two-way communication between employees across all levels because we recognize the value of every team member. All employees are encouraged to speak up and every voice is heard. Constructive feedback, ideas, and solutions from our team members are what brought our Sector from a concept to a reality. This focus on transparency and communication is a driving force for our continued growth.

Our Expansion: Commitment

Our thinking has never wavered from day one: establish a solid foundation and subsequently perform, grow, and expand the Sector’s investigative offerings and services. Paragon Investigations committed the financial and managerial resources necessary to establish our Sector’s defined infrastructure for client needs:


  • World-class corporate recruiting and training services
  • Proven operational field support
  • Airtight facility and security controls
  • Process-driven quality assurance and integrity procedures
  • Tested management capability


We do not believe in half measures. Our team members carry out their duties with vigilance, respect, and most importantly, a sense of pride. When faced with adversity, we rise to the challenges of national security and the needs of our customers with discretion, professionalism, and integrity.